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Welcome to Furbaby Bits!

Furbaby Bits is the latest addition to the Flashy Bits family. A little over a year ago, Maryann had a wonderful idea that was to change the face of our business in a big way. 

Because of the ongoing association we have with many of Melbourne's largest hospitals and meeting and speaking to so many of the staff, patients and visitors, something became very apparent, what is the one thing that long term patients miss the most during their stay in hospital? Their Pets! 

With technology today, most things that people miss can now be at their fingertips, their favourite meals can be shipped in, if allowed, through Uber Eats or other similar company's, however, the one thing that they can't have is their pet, their Furbaby and so an idea was born.

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Furbaby Bits Can Make You Smile Without Even Trying...