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In our warm climate, we need to come up with ways to keep ourselves cool, so what about your pets?

This brand new, innovative range from Furbaby Bits is simple and effective in keeping your pet cool on the warmest of days.

bandannas 01

The Bandanas come in Small, Medium and Large and so are suitable for any dog.

Bandannas 02

The cooling effect on the dog brings instant relief from the heat, even without refrigeration. 

bandannas 03

Simple; emerse in water, wring out and pop it over the dogs head. There is even an opening for the lead to go through.

bandannas 04

This product is evaporative cooling for your pet, as the dog moves and the flow of air moves over the Bandana, it continues to cool. For initial use on a very hot day, after the Bandana is wet, wrap it in cling film and place in the refrigerator for 10 minutes for the fastest of fast relief.

bandannas 05

Check out this great video from YouTube.

All sizes are the same price and can keep your dog comfortable and cool for just $10.00 each!


BREAKING NEWS...We Now Have Them For You As Well!





Just like the cooling towels for your Furbaby, this amazing product works in the same way but for you! Each towel comes in its own silicone pouch with a clip to attach it to your bag or belt and works in the same way. No refrigeration, just dunk it in water, squeeze it out and put it on for instant relief from the heat.

Available in 7 colours, each towel measures 105cm X 30cm.

Only $15.00 Each